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Urban Resource Management  (Moriguchi) Laboratory 本文へジャンプ


This is the archive home page of :

Urban Resource Management Laboratory

in the Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Professors of our laboratory were :

Yuichi MORIGUCHI (Professor)
Jun NAKATANI (Assistant Professor)

* Dr. Kiyo KURISU moved to Urban Sustainability Science Laboratory.

* Prof. Yuichi MORIGUCHI moved to National Institute for Environmental Studies.

* Dr. Jun Nakatani moved to Regional Circulating and Ecological System Laboratory.

Contacting email is :

nakatani [at]

News :

 March 25, 2021  Last lecture of Prof. Y. Moriguchi held via zoom. Photo
 February 4, 2021  Prof. Y. Moriguchi's last lecture page ready. Member updated
 November 27, 2020  Publication & Member updated
 October 9, 2020  Member updated
 August 6, 2020  Press Release run on PNAS paper below
 August 4, 2020  Revealing the Intersectoral Material Flow of Plastic Containers and
 Packaging in Japan
accepted on PNAS
 Publication & Member updated
 July 8, 2020  Hibernating behavior for household personal computers accepted on
 Resources, Conservation and Recycling  
 July 7, 2020  Member updated
 May 28, 2020  Research, Publication, Thesis & Member updated
 May 27, 2020  Prof. Tsuyoshi FUJITA joined us on May 1st
 May 26, 2020  Bachelors' commencement ceremony held in last March Photo